Moss (Photo by James Qualtrough)

Writing, photography, and more from the Jeanette Sarkisian Wagner Teen Wrinting Workshop at the John Jermain Memorial Library

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Child of the Oceans by Nick Banks

The gentle tug of a child’s arm on his mother’s.
the wet spray of his cry
like brine in flight.

his hugs, a comforting warmth in the sun.
his breath, a sea breeze, tracing its caress across me.
foamy locks curve across my forearm
cawing of a gull’s choked cries in the rain.

Bikes by Chance Sevigny

I can’t discern our passing scorn

Whether the road, the blacktop worn
Was cause for any silent plight

And also, in their patent rage
The man, or men who wrote this page
Which deserved the mantle ‘right’

And now I walk, not speed, nor drift
Across an inclined ocean cleft
And startle at a passing noise

And even if well-wishers taunt
Or a scarred panthera haunts
I know these bikes weren’t made for boys

Looking up

By Emma Brannen

You don’t need someone to tell you it’s okay
You don’t need the sun to brighten up your day,
Don’t need valentines to know that you are loved,
All you need’s the smile you keep inside your heart,

Don’t need to be asleep to make your dreams come true,
Don’t need to see the world
To know your home will follow you,
Don’t need your medicine to make the pain subside

Cuz laughter cures it every time… so
Hold your head up high
You’ll always find the sky,
Though it may take a little time,
It’s never easy to plant the seeds and make them grow,
Gotta fail sometimes to finally know,
Give it time to let your garden grow

Don’t let your self be taken over by your fears,
Don’t need your fairytales to make the evil disappear,
Don’t let your problems base the way you live your life,
The grass is greener on your side.